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Date of the event: 10th November 2012

Speaker: Malayerba Teatro, Colombia

Participants: Young and adults from a group of the performing Arts field

Objective: Share experiences through a series of talks and exercises to be able to bear the state of crisis from a positive point of view.

Place: TNT Center

Time: From 5:30 am to 9:30 pm

Duration: 4 hours

The event began with a meeting in the hall where we explained to the attending people the activities we were about to do.

A little bit after we started with the workshop, in which young and adults fused together in a participative group involved in all the proposed activities.

To begin with, our friends from Malayerba offered to realize a series of relaxation exercises in which the interaction between the participants was the main goal. After that, and as it was the case in another conference, the idea of sharing to everyone experiences, personal history and how to deal with the situation they were facing, was suggested. People were attentive to what everyone was saying and it was a pretty helpful activity as they managed to let go of their inhibitions, relax and feel comfortable with the rest of the activities.

We had to deal with some issues as the time when we were supposed to start the conference, which had to be delayed by half an hour, to 7:30 pm, due do technical problems. However, finally, the event ended with warm applause from the audience, who seemed very involved throughout the speaking.

The evening felt really short, the project organizers as well as the participants agreed that we all enjoyed a productive and pleasant day.

At the end and as a farewell, everyone who was there sang and danced to celebrate a meeting which had an excellent ended, to say the least.

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