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Date of the event: 7th November 2012

Speaker: Joaquín Galán, stage designer and actor

Participants: Drama students

Objective: To make the participants think and be motivated by providing possible ways to escape the situation they are experiencing

Time: From 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Duration: 4 hours

It was the first conference of Caravan Project in TNT Center. As soon as we opened the doors, about 20 people were already there and could see in their eyes how difficult the situation they are facing is.

The crisis, the despair and the lack of hope could be felt in the air.

The participants were welcomed warmly in the center and right after that all the members of the team introduced themselves.

At 5:00 pm, Joaquín started the conference and what a start! In a sepulchral silence flooding the center, and under the intense glances of an audience that really felt identified with the approached topic, the show could start.

It was not an easy task talking about the crisis issue by keeping in mind the situation of the people we were speaking to. We were facing a public of young and drama students mostly, coming from modest backgrounds. We were in front of an audience from the street: the one that was hit full force by the situation the country is facing, the one that after all, struggle day after day and risk it all to be able to eat every day, the one that could not prevent from getting up and clap warmly at the end of the event for the great compassion that has been created and felt in the atmosphere.

We could see some tears in the eyes of some spectators. We really made a deep impact and more important: we transmitted. Transmit that there is still hope, that nothing is done yet and that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, as dark as it may seems.

Later on, during the workshop, a series of exercises was suggested to encourage the interaction between all the participants. The general level of involvement was remarkable.

Fortunately, they all had a fitting attitude and, being drama students, they were used to do exercises like these. Therefore, it was pretty easy to make them feel comfortable in the activities we offered.

The event endend at 9:00 pm. At the end, a few of the participants remained so excited that they decided to stay and help clean up with the rest of the team.

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