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Date of the event: 26th November 2012

Speaker: Jerónimo Arenal, actor and teacher

Participants: Students from School of Drama and young actors

Objective: Learn to fight the crisis with two big weapons: protest and action

Place: TNT Center

Time: From 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Duration: 4 hours

A major fact that this project focuses on is to help people who come to understand how important it is for them to never succumb to adversities and to fight it every day that come without losing their way nor hapiness.

However the best weapon we have to fight this situation of crisis we are facing is the people.

We must ensure that the participants to the event start to see that protest is the best way towards change. The big changes in society were achieved thanks to the people´s voice.

To transmit this idea, we try to ensure that the topics approched during our workshops as well as in the conference we had in preparation for this day, were a good start toward protest and claim. We wanted to link these topics with the expressivity that acting offers.

We were hoping to see lots a people to come to the event and we were not disappointed with the results.

At the begining of the conference, our friend Jerónimo was somewhat surprised becouse the young people attending did not know much about the crisis. However, when the day was over, we wanted to think that these people became aware of the terrible situation and that they knew where the solution was. Moreover, we hope that they will try their best to improve the situation by fighting and protesting against the power, without letting it to keep them quiet.

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