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Date of the event: 26th DECEMBER 2012

Speaker: Alejandro Conesa

Participants: Technicians and students image and sound

Objective: Encourage the search of solutions in sectors which slowly see a decrease that is getting bigger regarding the demand for employment.


Time: from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Duration: 4 hours

This was the last conference in TNT center, in our land, and even though we love travelling, you could sence a feeling of sorrow between the team members as we were concluding these big meetings where we felt like home.

We started the meeting in the hall, where we introduced all the participants and team members of Caravan Project. The participants of the event were students or workers of the image and sound family. They were very interested in knowing the equipement and technical resources we have in the theater, in order to be able to counteract what they saw, with their knowledges. This did not take more than 30 minutes and at 11:00am we started the conference.

Within the group, most of them did not feel very optimistic regarding their future since the field they are going to work in, is becoming one of the most affected by the crisis en Spain. The lack of work in this sector makes the workers, as well as the students, to have a pretty pessimistic vision of the future they are going to live in.

Our main goal was for them to have a diametrically opposite vision and to understand that there are always solutions along the way, as far as they might be seen.

We ended the meeting at 1:50pm and between goodbyes, a lot of the participants thanked us for the motivation they found in the center thanks, mostly, to the words told by our speaker Alejandro Conesa, who was able to communicate the expected message in an outstanding way.


We, the team, left with mixed feelings: from sadness to be over with this work in our land, to happiness to have helped lots of people.

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