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Date of the event: 9th November 2012

Speaker: Teatro de Los Andes, Bolivia

Participants: Immigrants and general public

Objective: To instill hope in the audience, by taking as the basis values deeply rooted in Latin America culture, unknown by European society.

Place: TNT Theater

Time: From 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Performance: 8:30 pm

Duration: 4 hours and the performance 1 and half hour

The event started by introducing ourselves in front of the audience, mostly composed of young and some immigrants form South America.

We relied on our friends from the Teatro de Los Andes from Bolivia to deliver the conference. To start the event, they proposed that every one express briefly what the most difficult part was for them with the crisis and where we could find a solution to the problem, according to them.

Despite the great involvement, we could feel the sadness in the words of certain participants. Some immigrants were even thinking of going back to their country. Indeed, because of the situation of the state where they live, they do not have any money to send to their families.

We tried to instill a message towards all the participants, but we could see in the eyes of some of them a deep despair and the thought that everything was over.

A pretty successful conference started at 10:20 am on the very same day. The public was glad and even if we finished with a feeling that we could not help all the participants attending the event, we could appreciate a transformation in some of their faces, where sadness and despair became motivation and hope.

Later on, the Teatro de Los Andes performed a play which made the attending people think and reflect, trying to make them realize that despite everything, being positive is the most important.

We realized, looking some faces, that we knew we could achieve something, but there were other groups of people, in whom we could really see that our work was anywhere near enough, for them to feel better or helped. It was easy to understand, given the situation where mostly found themselves.

After a warm farewell, some of the participants wanted to stay at the center and later on we could enjoy a few beers under the sun while listening to guitar rhythms.

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