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Date of the event: 12th December 2012

Speaker: Lidia Mauduit, actress and teacher

Participants: Youth “Okupa”

Objective: Encouraging a positive attitude to face adversities than we experience to be able to make a change towards a more prosperus life

Place: TNT Center

Time: From 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Duration: 4 hours

For sure people who come to these talks are looking for a magic formula they hope to find here to be able to escape from job insecurity and social unrest, where they find themselves.

However, even though we cannot give them a concrete solution regarding such a problem, Caravan Project bets on acting.

What is important is not how we are but the way we perceive things.

We think that optimism must be the base in our talks and conferences so people can start seeing a change in their lives for the best. But it would be quite utopian to think that we were only happy and laughing all day long as we wanted to bring solutions to the issue.

Nevertheless, it all comes down from this. It all comes down from wanting a change and to fight to get it.

During the conference of that day, we relied on a public quite special: they were youth “okupa” (squatting). For most of them, they find themselves in this situation not out of desire but out of necessity. We wanted to transmit a motivational talk. A talk to cheer everyone up to pursue their dreams and not remain stuck in depression or feeling like they cannot escape the situation they are facing.

We ended the conference with an attitude of wanting to conquer the world, from the participants as well as the actors and the instructos themselves.

For sure we all created an atmosphere favorable to change the point of view of the participants.

We finished the conference around 1:30 pm with guitar rhythms and several songs, as we did once, and we bade farewell to the participants, being pretty sure that our help and talk were useful. We could go to bed with a good taste in our mouth.

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