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Date of the event: 7th December 2012

Speaker: Raúl Vera, actor and teacher

Participants: General public

Objective: To be aware of the crisis and to look for solutions to fight it

Place: TNT Center

Time: From 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Duration: 4 hours

We opened the doors of the TNT Center at 9:50 am and we saw a group of people, mostly youth, full of vitality and eager to start the event.

We realized that lots of them, without being drama students, were very interested in drama and that they would like to live from it in the future.

Fully aware of that, we tried to make their visit to the Caravan Project event as pleasant as possible. We wanted to teach and advise them about acting and theater, without forgetting the most important: to be aware of the situation and to look for solutions to their problems due to the crisis.

About 20 persons attended the conference and their implication was extraordinary. All of them, without exception, seemed open and participative in the games and exercises proposed, which aim was to get know each other as much as possible.

As it is customary, we shared how the crisis affected actors and participants in general. The crisis has been afeceting everyone here but some of the participants were touched in a drastic way. Everyone explained what, they thought, was a possible solution for theim to recover.

We were facing a different kind of audience from what we have in general for this type of event. The public was already being strongly affected by the crisis, however, their youth and freshness helped them to avoid pessimism; their vitality enlightened the center.

The evening ended with the conference and most of the young told the actors their desire tocome back as soon as possible to the center to develop more activities. The general opinion of actors was, without doubt, that it was one of the most fruitful days they had with Caravan Project.

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