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Date of the event: 7th December 2012

Speaker: Silvia Garzón, actress and teacher

Participants: Students from the conservatory

Objective: Promote the fact that, apart from theater, there are other kinds of arts such as dance or singing that can help fight the current situation to make it easier and more livable.

Place: TNT Center

Time: From 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Duration: 4 hours

As it is well known now, the Caravan Project goal is to try to help people who have one problem in common: the crisis.

Now is the time they want to fight it but there is one major obstacle they have to consider: the country does not offer many solutions for these people. Everything it does is not much to move the country out of this sad situation.

People that usually come to our events share certain pessimism resulting from the fact that they do not see a real solution to this problem. Therefore we wanted to radically change their way of thinking so their lives take the direction of hope and optimism.

The conference of this day was done in a serene and peaceful atmosphere, more and more people were joining as the evening progressed.

As we opened the door, 5 or 6 persons showed up and gradually more people came, to the point that they were more than 20 participants.

If you can remember one thing of these talks is that people who came liked to get involved, participate and absorb knowledge. In short, to share. Share experiences in a way so that everyone could feel that they were supported and that they were not alone in this hardship. Hardship that we all experience, but some more than others.

No matter how many people came to the conferences, the feeling was always the same and we realized that the message was clear: fight against the adversities that life offers to us.

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