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Date of the event: 15th November 2012

Speaker: Ricardo Iniesta, director of TNT

Participants: Young directors from all over Spain

Objective: Promote theater as a way to escape the crisis

Place: TNT Center

Time: From 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Duration: 4 hours

An important concept that we must transmit to the participant from any event of the Caravan Project, is that they must understand the fact that despite the difficult circumstances everyone is facing, there are a lot of people who are experiencing tough times due to the actual situation.

There were not many people who came to the TNT Center for the morning event. However, they all were pretty excited in front of what brought them here. Moreover they shared the fact that they have one point in common: theater as a way of life.

The work process turned out to be rather manageable, entertaining and enjoyable. The participants could perform role-playing activities with actors from the theater company along with its director Ricardo Iniesta, and the result was more than good.

The theater could not resolve the problems of these people but, it could help those we were facing in adopting a different attitude and to change their point of view, to see the half-full part of the glass, as much as possible.

The day ended and left a good taste in our mouth. We could see many happy faces and participation was quite good coming from the audience. All of this made us think that our work was not in vain and that the assistance provided by trying to make them realize that this kind of art – theater – can relieve and influence in a positive way the lives of people.

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