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Date of the event: 22nd November 2012

Speaker: Katakali, India. Karuna Karan & Nina

Participants: Social workers and educators

Objective: Safeguard hope in finding a solution to cope with the situation which the underprivileged are experiencing, though mediation or dance.

Place: TNT Center

Time: From 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Duration: 4 hours

Times are though and there are many families who struggle day after day.

While it is true that there is a part of the public that we would like to reach, those whose lives did not change in a positive way because of the crisis and who are dealing with a state of social unrest they know, the message that we want to transmit is the same: Fight.

Day-to-day fighting against injustice counterbalances the adversities. Finding the path to follow when it is dark is not easy, which is why this project attempts to illuminate the way to ensure that it will be as bearable as possible. And we believe that we can do this through theater.

The situations people are in are difficult, yes, but we can fight it with vigour if we have the right weapons for beattle. There is an art form which can help people in this regard.

A battle where sometimes, the feeling of surrender might be the one most present in the mind of these people, depending on the degree of difficulty.

During the project conferences and this one here, we try to raise awareness among these people so that they can fight with all their “weapons” and as i said, they do not succumb to despair that this perspectives implies.

Our friends from India propose a series of meditation and Asian exercise techniques that help everyone there to be able to lose their inhibitions and get involved with one another.

The degree of involvement is incredible and everyone seems to enjoy proposed exercises.

The evening went well and the exercises and activities proposed in workshops were a big part of its success.


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