by Juana Casado


RESTOS/FEDRA was the 16th spectacle produced by TNT and the fifth directed by Juana Casado for TNT. This is the second time she has directed the two protagonists – Marga Reyes and David Montero- after La dama de las camellias, premiered at the Lope de VegaTheater in Seville.

The text was written in 1997 by Raúl Hernández, whose work has received numerous awards, including the Calderón and the Lope de Vega. The work adopts formal procedures of the Greek Tradegy, interpreting it in a modern way meanwhile its theme keeps up the classical mythological legacy.  Hipólito (Hippolytus) and Federa (Phaedra) are two characters of remarkable attractiveness, with a richness of nuances and contemporaneity beyond the usual in a Greek Tragedy. Many authors have addressed this disturbing myth Eurípides, Séneca, Racine, Unamuno, Marina Tsvietaieva, Sara Khane…

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On the one hand side, the choir personifies the other characters that intervene in the action, accompanying Hipólito’s adventures and on the other hand side, in Fedra’s case, it is a voice which comments and lives with her career, this time more intimate.

The pitched battle to the bitter end is a value which occurs throughout the whole work, and it is to bringing it back to a crumbling society, where the rights are undermined, the crisis confronts us with each other, and we feel the impossibility of archiving our desires, our dreams.

This results in a show full of strength and poetry. The two protagonists demonstrate a powerful and composed interpretation which perfectly transmits the marvelous text to the spectator. Meanwhile, the choir becomes the common thread incorporating choreographies as beautiful as electrifying. Should not be missed!

The staging premiered at the Teatro Romano de Málaga from July 16 to 18 and then at the Teatro Romano de Itálica from July 30 to August 2.


Artistic Team


  • Fedra Marga Reyes
  • Hipólito David Montero
  • Coro Sarah Calvo
  • Coro Ángela García
  • Coro Beatriz Ortega
  • Coro Aisa Pérez
  • Coro Elisa Villalba


  • Dramaturgia: Raúl Hernández Garrido
  • Dirección: Juana Casado
  • Coreografía: Juana Casado
  • Escenografía: Dominique You
  • Vestuario: Carmen Granell
  • Diseño de Iluminación: Dominique You
  • Edición espacio Sonoro: Emilio Morales
  • Realización escenografía: Sergio Bellido
  • Fotografía: Félix Vázquez