XX Actor International Laboratory

From the 2nd April, the application period for the XX Actor International Laboratory, which will take place from the 16th October 2018 to the 8th April 2019, is open.

TNT, The International Centre of Investigative Theatre of Seville has become the role model for the investigative theatre in Spain. In 2003, it was included in the program called “Theatrical Laboratories as Cultural Innovators” by the EU, which contains the most important European centers. From that time, it has been part of four different programs at the EU (with 30 more centers from 15 different countries).

Conscious about the complexity to find their place in the artistic world, the TNT Laboratory started in 2005 with the solid will of helping young actors during the beginning of their careers. To get there, more than a hundred teachers and educators from every corner of the world have taken part of this laboratory. In each edition, 160 actors have participated, not only Spanish, but also actors from other countries, becoming a national and European example.

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From these laboratories, a cast for Atalaya and TNT emerged, but also for many more of the most renowned Spanish companies, such as Fura, Comediants, Ur, Animalario, La Cuadra, Pentación or Kulunka, apart from productions of some of the most important national and autonomous dramatic centers.

The cast of the 30 shows that Atalaya and TNT have produced since 1995 come from the Laboratory: a total of 80 actresses and actors, exactly the half of the participants from the different editions. They have toured around more than 30 countries from 5 continents and got many Andalusian, national and international awards. Atalaya’s next show, “King Lear”, includes three actors from the last three laboratories, with other six from the steady team.

The team of the XX Laboratory is formed by a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 14 actresses and actors who could take to scene a final show (depending on level), just like what happened with the current edition of the Laboratory and the show “The Public”, from Federico García Lorca, and based on Atalaya’s original show, or in past editions with shows such as “Divine Words”, from Valle-Inclán.

Some of the advantage that belonging to this project offers are, not only the artistic repercussion, but also the possibility to assist every show that takes place at the TNT Center (“Celestina”, “Marat/Sade”, “So Let Five Years Pass” and “King Lear”), the Investigative Theatre International Exhibition (MITIN in Spanish) and the New Theatrical Researchers Contest (CENIT), with renowned foreigner shows (and which includes meetings with their line-ups).

It also stands out the encounters made with important professionals from the Spanish scene, as we did in past editions with José Luis Gómez, Blanca Portillo, Leo Bassi, Alberto San Juan or Laila Ripoll, among others, just as with international educators.

A special mention goes to Eugenio Barba’s visit, one of the biggest masters and transformer of contemporary theatre who will attend these events in company of Julia Varley, actress at Odin Teatret. They both will assist the celebration of Atalaya’s 35th anniversary and The International Centre of Investigative Theatre TNT 10th anniversary.

The educational team at Atalaya/TNT is made by 12 people, including its director, Ricardo Iniesta. The Laboratory includes more than 500 school hours used by the team to work in different facets, very important to the scene, such as physical training, scenic movement, voice-sing and rhythm, work in texts about universal poetic theatre, scenic creation: score, composition, scenic proposals, etc.

Likewise, theatre traditions from around the world will be addressed: Asian, such as Kathakali, Butoh, Noh, Pekin Opera; European such as Meyerhold Biomechanic, Art Comedy, Flamenco, Isabelino Theatre, Brechtiano Theatre, Artaud’s Cruelty Theatre, Grotowski Poor Theatre, Eugenio Barba’s Anthropologic Theatre and Odin Teatret; African traditions such as Sacroritual Theatre or Zulú Singing; Voice traditions such as Brechtiano Cabaret…

The students of this new edition will enjoy the facilities at The International Centre of Investigative Theatre TNT, which has a theatre with a space for 300 people, a room for 110 people, garden, different classrooms, video library, library, dressing rooms, apartments, hall, counter, storehouse, studio, office, toilets and closets.

Students will also be able to use visual material from TNT Center, which database includes a high number of Spanish and international Investigative Theatre shows, workshops from past editions and creations from the cast who have made possible the 40 shows of Atalaya and TNT.

To choose the participants of this edition of the Laboratory, it will take place an Experimental Workshop. Here, two groups of 20 selected students will become aware of the work to develop. After the workshop, the educators will pick the participants for the XX Laboratory of TNT. The workshop will take place the second week of October, five hours daily during five days.

The students will have free use, apart from the educational facilities of the center –classrooms, video library and library-, the first floor, specially made for their use: rooms, rest area, kitchen, roof, laundry room…

The experimental workshop price will be 95€, with a special promotion for those who make the pre-enrollment and payment before the 1st August. In that case, the price of the experimental workshop will be 75€.

The total price for the XX Laboratory will be 990€, which need to be paid in two payments of 495€, before the start of the Laboratory and before the 10th January.

The deadline to pre-enroll to the experimental workshop is the 20th September (with the pre-enrollment sheet, picture and CV included). Those who have pre-enrolled will have to attend an on-site test on the last week of September –exact date still to be confirmed-.

For this workshop (which will take place on the first half of October), it is necessary to present a monologue of poetic theatre (such as a Greek tragedy, a Shakespeare’s play or Lorca’s or another author to consult) with a length of 2-4 minutes, a song without lyrics (like a lullaby), and a short choreography. It is also necessary to wear comfortable clothes for physical work. If you don’t live in Seville, you can film yourself and send the material on a DVD, digital file or Internet (Vimeo or similar) over TNT before the 25th September.

The International Centre of Investigative Theatre TNT, where the Laboratory will take place, is made by: a theatre with a space for 300 people, a room for 110 people, garden, different classrooms, video library, library, dressing rooms, apartments, hall, counter, storehouse, studio, office, toilets and closets.

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Teaching staff

Entre 1995 y 2017 han pasado por el Laboratorio Internacional de TNT más de 100 de pedagogos procedentes de 30 países de América, África, Asia y Europa.

Actors / Students

En los talleres de TNT han tomado parte casi un millar de actores. En el Laboratorio estable han sido 160, de los cuales la mitad han conformado los elencos de la totalidad de los espectáculos de Atalaya y TNT producidos desde 1995 con excepción de los 16 intérpretes de etnia gitana, que sí habían tomado parte en los talleres del Proyecto Imarginario, de TNT. Algunos actores han tomado parte en más de un laboratorio, pero sólo figuran en el primero de ellos.

  • Los actores destacados en negrita han tomado parte en espectáculos producidos por TNT o Atalaya.

2016 / 2018

  • Elisa Muñoz
  • Javier Dominguez
  • Selu Fernández
  • Carlos Fierro
  • Abraham García
  • Enmanuel García
  • Laura Gómez
  • Nuria Ayuso
  • Marjukka Myllyntaus
  • Jorge Puch
  • Yaiza Queiruga
  • Imasul Rodríguez
  • Dani Téllez
  • Ramón Vallés
  • Silvia Beaterio

2014 / 2016

  • Noelia Adrián
  • Elena Aliaga
  • Riccardo Benfatto
  • Sarah Calvo
  • Alejandro Cornejo
  • Giulia Esposito
  • Ángela García
  • Aisa Pérez
  • Helena Rebenaque
  • Paqui Romero
  • Chelo Valero
  • Elisa Villalba

2012 / 2013

  • Rocío Delgado
  • Raúl Sirio Iniesta
  • José Ángel Moreno
  • Silvia Acosta
  • Haizea Águila
  • Alessandro Jade Cortés
  • Nuria Cuadrado
  • Cristina Fernández
  • Eli González
  • Esther Jérez
  • Nono López
  • Alessandra
  • Laura Ocete
  • Fidel Ruiz
  • Isabel Teruel

2010 / 2011

  • Manolo Morales
  • Pepa Gil
  • Ana Galán Marín
  • Carlos Cegarra
  • Marity Manzanera
  • Clara Martínez
  • Elena Díaz Casanueva
  • Esthela Kuri
  • Ismael Múrtula
  • Sergio Baños
  • Pilar Herranz
  • Marisa Muñoz

2008 / 2009

  • Mónica Mayen 
  • Nazario Díaz
  • Raquel Gancedo
  • Tamara Carrasco
  • Pedro Aguilera
  • Sergio Suárez
  • Loida Gómez
  • Ruben Nagore
  • Antonio de la Casa
  • Maria Cadenas
  • Isabel Dugo
  • Elisabeth Custodio

2006 / 2007

  • María Sanz
  • Lidia Mauduit
  • Alba Mata
  • Celia Escudero
  • Teo Lobato
  • Andrés Acevedo
  • Lourdes León
  • Raúl Talavera
  • Cristina Almazán
  • Verónica Moreno

2004 / 2005

  • Rafael García
  • Garbiñe Intxausti
  • Gemma Muñoz
  • Beatriz Ortega
  • Arturo Parrilla
  • Eva Antas
  • Rubén Martín
  • Carmen Mori

2002 / 2003

  • Raúl Vera
  • Cynthia Luque
  • Elena Sánchez
  • Ignacio Fortes
  • Cristina Berhó
  • Susana Almahano
  • Marcos Checa
  • Sara González
  • Cipriano López

2001 / 2002

  • Juan Rivadeneyra
  • Clara Romero
  • Eva Gallego
  • Manolo Asensio
  • José M. Mudarra
  • Javi Mora
  • Pilar Crespo
  • Dani Carrasco
  • Claudio Crecciente
  • Fermín Benito

1999 / 2000

  • Carlos Alvarez-Ossorio
  • Alejadra Estella
  • Antonio Navarro
  • Enrique Cameselles
  • Isabel Carrión
  • Montserrat Rangel

1998 / 1999

  • Susana Fernández
  • Antonia Gómez
  • Mar Barea
  • Enrique Rodríguez
  • David Montero
  • David Arnáiz
  • Esther del Valle
  • Silvia Garzón
  • Josu Eguskiza
  • Pepa Delgado
  • René Jannit
  • Fini Sánchez
  • Francisco Nevado

1997 / 1998

  • Patricia Villaitodo
  • Oren Moreno
  • Beatriz Hidalgo
  • Rebeca Torres
  • Desiree Pérez
  • Juan Luis Corrientes
  • Carmen Puerta
  • Ana Moreno
  • Alejandra Cid
  • Otilia Manzano
  • Silvia Ariza

1996 / 1997

  • Joaquín Galán
  • Marga Reyes
  • Juanjo Ruano
  • María Martínez
  • Antonia Gómez
  • Carmelo García
  • Elena Carrascal
  • Almudena Rey
  • Victoria Mateos
  • Elena Fdez Orellana
  • Antonio Hernández
  • José Antonio Raynaud
  • Esther Uría
  • Alessandro Brasile

1995 / 1996

  • Jerónimo Arenal
  • Aurora Casado
  • Begoña Cruz
  • Ramón Giró
  • Juan Antonio Martín
  • Cristina Medina
  • Helena Redondo
  • Angel Ridao
  • Charo Sojo
  • Sario Téllez
  • Luis Ruiz
  • Aurora Montero
  • Cristina Samaniego