Amazonas (Amazons), born in its argument from the classical myth of the village of the Amazons. In which, and even when there are no historical basis, women created a state of women emancipated from men, as an answer to invasions and rapes realized by Scythian men. Whose presence would only be allowed for gestation and permanence of new Amazon women.

Starting from the mythological tale of the Amazons, we go into the fable of our spectacle. Thought as a performance, the plot goes from the social fight of ten women, that join their voices in one to reconquer their identity and claim equal rights and competences for women and men, protagonist boats of the same world: fragile and unbalance, as the actual one is.

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A disadvantaged world by the globalization phenomenon, that as we all know, eject the most disadvantaged people from the planet with its current economic system, as these women eject men, in an act of rebellion against an oppressive system

In our narrative about this AMAZONES, values as freedom, equality, truth, and justice bring support and sense to our tale.

It’s inevitable in Amazons don’t look to, think of the still fight of those and so many more women from nowadays and before, the beautiful quote of the French philosopher Simone de Beauvoir: “One is not born, but rather becomes a woman.”

Artistic Team


  • Dirección: Juana Casado
  • Dramaturgia: Luz Valenciano
  • Composición Musical: José Manuel León