King Lear marks Atalaya´s the second Shakespearean montage, after Richard III, with critics claiming that it channels the essence of the author and his universe.

Our goal was to further explore the transcendent nature of Shakespeare´s work; the action is not located in any one time because are facing a text that is universal in time and space. Passions and human instincts have not changed in the last 4,000 years.

Our version explores the naked human condition that underpins the text, stripping the individual of everything superfluous, connecting with the essence of nature and seeking empathy towards the rest of Humanity.

The choir, increasingly present in Atalaya, in particular succeeds as a powerful accompaniment to the scenic changes that take place in plain view to the audience.

Carmen Gallardo (the lead of Madrecoraje and Celestina, and whose character has  recently played by actresses of such stature as Nuria Espert and Glenda Jackson)´s performance is rich in the nuances of universal theater. Performers from three generations of Atalaya work in tandem with her to embody an ensemble of characters of great significance.

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The Company

Atalaya has become a reference without par for investigative theater. This has been reiterated by the most prestigious critics and by the jury of the National Theater Award in 2008. It is currently the most valued theater company in Spain according to the INAEM standards of the Ministry of Culture.

During its’ trajectory of more than three decades it has traveled to half a thousand cities in thirty nine countries of the six continents of the world, as well as to the totality of the Spanish provinces. Atalaya has participated in more than 150 international festivals and has won more than forty awards.





The team


  • Author: William Shakespeare
  • Direction and dramaturgy: Ricardo Iniesta
  • Composition and musical direction: Luis Navarro
  • Choral direction: Lidia Mauduit and Marga Reyes
  • Choral workshop: Laboratorium Piesni
  • Set Design: Ricardo Iniesta
  • Scenography: Ricardo Iniesta
  • Costumes: Carmen and Flores de Giles
  • Makeup and hairdressing: Manolo Cortés
  • Stage construction Sergio Bellido
  • Choreography: Juana Casado
  • Assistant director: Sario Téllez
  • Assistant director: Rocío Costa
  • Lighting design and technical coordination: Alejandro Conesa
  • Sound: Emilio Morales
  • Administration: Rocío de los Reyes
  • Distribution: Victoria Villalta
  • Production: Mª Paz López Millón
  • Communication: Ana Garzón
  • Secretary: Macarena Gutiérrez


  • Festival de Niebla: “Mamen Gallardo conquered the audience that gathered in the Guzmán castle with her magnificent interpretation. The assembly dazzled the public”.
    Manuel GarridoHuelva Noticias
  • A continuum of strength and drive. Carmen Gallado is excellent as an androgynous Lear. A well-executed collective effort. The spectators were enthralled when the night came to a close with the jester’s pirouette before a miserable world. Olmedo celebrated this premiere with much enthusiasm.”
    Fernando HerreroEl Norte de Castilla
  • Festival de Niebla: “Each of the actors, aware of what they are interpreting, have managed to build a tremendous show, and give it everything. Brave stage design, perfect lighting and a colorful and interesting wardrobe, with a lot of fun. Atalaya, as always, good, very good. Outstanding.”
    Bernardo RomeroHuelva 24
  • King Lear thrilled everyone. It will has been planted in the hearts of the participants and will live in the memory of all forever. The public went into a trance watching the scenic display and left with the desire to follow Atalaya through land, sea and air. In would like to praise  the voice of actors and actresses. They brought an overflowing energy will illuminate Olmedo for the rest of the year. Atalaya exists in a sweet moment. One can only absorb its’ gestures and be enthralled by the beauty of the staging.”
    J. L. SacristánTribuna de Valladolid
  • Olmedo Festival. "Olmedo surrenders to 'Atalaya' at the premiere of a powerful, disturbing and very exciting 'King Lear' (...) brought to the stage in a masterful way by the cast, which through emotion and passion, has performed this show with precision, especially with the exceptional Carmen Gallardo in the lead role, whose work has been paying off in the form of wondrous acclaim.”    
    Inés MorenciaLa Vanguardia