is a European Theater Project supported by the Creative Europe Fund of which the ValmisaTheater is the leader tells the power of dreams, the strength to self-determine which has always pushed women men to leave to be reborn. In the theatrical imagery, the container is a kaleidoscope that hosts dreams of the women and men of yesterday and today. Containers – typical travel carriers – will be scenic space and by moving they will give life to a Theater Festival in 5 European countries (Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Spain) project partners and will end in Brussels.



 The project tells the positive stories of realization in a country other than that of birth, it develops from a collection of ancient and contemporary stories. Narrating the potential for realization beyond the difficulties of the contingent, it is to pay homage to the human capacity to transform difficulties into opportunities for rebirth. Our project aims to make a creative analysis of the circularity of the anthropological history of human flows and trace the routes of dreams that have always moved women and men looking for a happy change. Investigating the energy arising from dreams is also a way to understand how to reactivate our creativity, and hope for a possible future to be realized. Dreams belong to every person; illuminating them generates empathy, reducing fears dictated by prejudice, by the comparison with someone we believe to be different, who has the same dreams and the same aspirations: it reduces the human distance with the one we call only a migrant. We want to put that energy that accompanies the desire for Change at the center of the scene, so strong that it pushes us out of our small comfort zone, strenuously defended, on a large scale, by forms of nationalism. Theater has always put man at the center. There is theater so that man can look at himself from the outside and understand himself! In the current serious pandemic, isolation, distance and fear of the future emerge, it is a great opportunity to develop an international cultural project that enhances perspectives of self-determination.



Multilingual Dream Archive: the site will continue to be updated even after the end of the project Performances: n. 5

Performances (1 for each partner and 1 collective) will continue to be represented by the theater companies participating as partners in the project within the same national theater circuits and theater festivals already operating in individual national / international territories Free dramaturgies: they will remain available to other companies in order to maximize the dissemination of the project

 E book: An e book will be created that can be downloaded for free from the site with the stories of the protagonists of the elaborate dramaturgies

Video: A video will be made to tell about the experience and the Festival.

 Transmedial storytelling: A narrative form that, moving through different types of media, helps to integrate the user experience.



The subjects involved in the project have a history of artistic production research and growth on the social fabric of their territory as well as experiences of international exchanges and collaborations. A project like this, which involves a transactional issue such as migration, if tackled exclusively at the local level, risks aligning itself with the political and cultural orientations of the country itself. International collaboration is essential to have a broader perspective, which moves away from prejudices, clichés and personal feelings

NordiskTeaterlaboratorium • Denmark

 Omma studio • Greece

Fundacja b’cause • Poland

 Teatro TNT • Spain



4 artists
Director: Juana Casado
Coordinator: Francesca Lupo

GREECE: Omma Studio Theater: Crete, Iraklio, Heraklion
Outbound: August 15
Dramaturgy Laboratory + Festival: August 16 – 19

ITALY: Festival in Ancona
Travel: August 20 from Greece to Italy
Festival: August 21 – 22
Return trip: August 23

DENMARK: Odin Teatret – Holstebro, Denmark
Outbound: September 10
Festival: September 11 – 12
Return trip: September 13

SPAIN: TNT Theater, Seville
1 day of performance 10 – 11 October

BRUSSELS: European Commission
Outbound trip: October 1
Performance and conference: October 13
Return trip: October 14