Aleluya erótica

Aleluya erótica

by Juana Casado


This production is directed by Juana Casado who unites the profession of stage director, choreographer and dancer. After being part of the Antonio Gardes ensemble for thirteen years and after participating at the ensembles of Mario Maya and Maria Rosa, she came, after a decade, to the profession of stage directing, having received the Certamen Nacional Award for stage director in 2006.

The choreography was created by Juana Casado and Rosario Toledo, who also plays the protagonist, Belisa. Rosario is one of the most honoured flamenco dancers and constantly present at festivals all over the world. She hides versatility and a very special magic in her ability of dramatic interpretation, which is very unlikely for dancers.

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Another prestigious name is José Valencia, who is the most exceptional voice of the flamenco scene, according to many experts. In Aleluya Erotica he plays Don Perlimplin. His physical attributes, his character and his humour allow him to combine the enormous quality of his voice with the composition of exactly this character.

Dani de Morón, a forefront guitarist and flamenco compositor who formed part of the production as one of the characters of the play, was in charge of the music.

Don Perlimplin, an elderly man who does not know love, marries Belisa, a young and passionate woman, who does not love him but sees the marriage as a possibility to achieve a position, wealth and money. The plot forms a torn but tender tragicomedy, in which they emotions and feelings of the characters are going to change. Don Perlimlin discovers his desire and falls in love with the enchantment of Belisa. She in reverse falls in love with an imaginary man, who writes her, submerges her in a world of tenderness and sensations that she did not know.

In a radio interview of 1935 Lorca responds to the question of which was the work of his own that he liked the most with: It is a small work what due to its true lyricism no professional company dares to perform. Its name is “Los amores de Don Perlimplin…” Over the time, it was taken to stage on noumerous occasions, but never in as a dance performance. The lyrics have a heavy oneiric charge, which allows dance and music to be projected and assumes the full weight of the staging.



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Artistic Team


  • Coreografía: Rosario Toledo / Juana Casado
  • Diseño de Iluminación: Dominique You
  • Música: Dani de Morón
  • Arreglos musicales: Emilio Morales
  • Maquillaje y peluquería: Manolo Cortés
  • Realización de escenografía: Sergio Bellido
  • Vestuario: Carmen Granell
  • Adaptación, espacio escénico y Dirección: Juana Casado
  • Coordinación Técnica: Alejandro Conesa